05 july 2018

Kim Jong Un and his agents are holding us captive in a torturous game of baseball. Instead of hitting a ball with a bat to run, you instead recieve random objects. Then, you have to combine them to create something North Korean in nature. There are about 7 of us here. One of us is J. If you do not create something that satisfies Kim Jong Un and his agents, you will be shot dead. The last one of us remaining wins. After J, survives, it is my turn. They call my number, 25, and I forget if that is me. I ask one of us "is that me", really fast. It is. I recieve a gay flag and a fork. I have no idea how to make this North Korean. I nervously walk around the bases with them, and as I approach the first base, I see an agent standing there, menacingly. I have to think of something. I decide to try cutting up the gay flag with the fork, to turn it into a North Korean flag. Quickly, I realize that this is impossible, but then remember that North Korea is against gay people. I keep stabbing the flag with the fork, hoping a tattered gay flag would be North Korean enough. The agent at first base nods slowly, and I keep going to second base, where Kim Jong Un himself is standing, surrounded by his agents. Going through his agents, eventually I reach him. I offer him the tattered flag, and he accepts it. I go back to home base to live another round. I then wake up.

I am standing at some sort of locker, and the FF is at the lockers around me.


03 july 2018

I am with Ant., L, and Jor. We are climbing a blue metal/plastic tower, with ropes going all around. You have to follow paths on the ropes to get up. It turns out to be quite the challenge. The tower is seemingly infinitely tall. I am the best and fastest at climbing it, because I am confident and have some sort of trick to gripping the ropes. There are no harnesses. If we fall, it's to our deaths. Nobody ends up falling. Our instructor is my 6th grade Spanish teacher. The dream ends on a particularly difficult part to climb.


My 7th grade Science teacher is in this dream and she talks about missed homework.


30 june 2018

My family and I are living in some sort of dystopian future. We are in a pub/italian restraunt. There are a bunch of people from our general neighborhood, as well as our cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. There is a call we are all waiting for. When the call commences, there are two options: go on a right angle and settle in a new area, or go into the forest and avoid the bomb. (this didn't make sense to me, even in the dream.) We sit in the pub for a while, talking. Nobody seems scared, but I certainly am. For some odd reason, I can't spot Ch or Jo in the pub anywhere. The call commences, and we start to go out. I choose the first option with the right angle. I start running as fast as I can down a cobbled path with about 30 other people of all ages. For some odd reason, the leader is my 5th grade typing teacher. I keep running, and the realization that I will never see my family or friends again starts to sink in. I start to cry. I keep running, however. He tells us all to stop when we reach some sort of pond, which makes sense in hindsight. We all sit down in circles according to our age groups. I see some people I know actually were in this group, and my crying stops. He digs an opening at the side of the pond, and asks us to enter our username and password. (typing teacher?) People start to through objects in, notably my cousin D. He throws in some weird playdoh formation of red, green, and blue. He says his password is called rdg, pronounced R-DIG. I kind of sit around, looking at the rdg playdoh, and I keep looking at it. Something about it seems off. Then I wake up.


27 june 2018

For some odd reason, B likes me. She sends me a video of herself just kind of sitting there, looking at the camera. It cuts to her in different places, with a different comment from her each time. I go to show the others and ask for help, but for whatever reason, some people we don't know have taken over our server. They have turned it into a /g/ server.

~~~~~~~ (these two dreams are connected somehow, but I forget.)

Me and Ant. venture over to Can. Elementary school. They are having some sort of event there for little kids. We decide to sneak in in order to take back our Discord server from the /g/ people? We go up to the registration, and for some reason the lady is the lunch moderator person from my own elementary school. She asks what number we are, and I look at her list of numbers. It's just the number 3805, written repeatedly. For some reason she is speaking in Spanish, and I have to use some of my spanish skills to say 3805. I forget how to say 0, and I have to ask about it in spanish. She sends us over to sit in a group with 3 little kids, and we wait for instructions. I wake up after this.


25 june 2018

There are dopplegangers.


I mention a scar on my penis.


24 june 2018

A friend of mine enjoys Lainchan.

There is a wrecking ball taco made of chocolate. It knocks down ice cream.

I am shirtless on some sort of face cam. There's a cycle, which cycles through different people on the other end. One person on the cycle is a female in minimal clothing. Another person is some old guy.


23 june 2018

My friend, T, almost types the triple parentheses: ((())) For whatever reason, I can see what she is typing live. She undoes these parentheses and makes it a normal pair: () That is all I remember.


22 june 2018

I post in Discord a version of Uptown Funk performed by females who all look the same. They wear dark grey clothing and are standing on asphalt. I do it for "trolling", whatever my brain thought that meant.

That is all I remember.


20 june 2018

I will now be using this to record my dreams at night.